Friday, April 5, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few questions that have been asked already! Check periodically for updates. Also if you have a question feel free to leave it in the comment section and I will add it!
How much does it cost and are there discounts?                                                                       
The costs is $300. We are currently offering a Social Media Discount. You can get $50 dollars off if you are willing to blog about the retreat, tweet about it and like us on Facebook. Email Casey for more info. Also if you sign up with a friend, you both will get $25 off the price.           
What are the accommodations like?                                                                                                  Very simple! Each room is clean and has a personal sink and twin bed. There are many bathrooms and showers on the floor. The food is also very simple.
Where is Ossining, New York?                                                                                                   Ossining is a small town right on the Hudson River. You can take a train from NYC's Grand Central Station to Croton on Harmon Station and be there in 45minutes to an hour. The facility is then a five minute cab ride away. Westchester County Airport is a half an hour away, LaGuardia Airport is 45 minutes away and JFK International Airport is 1 hour away.  
Do you have to believe in a particular faith to participate?                                                              
 No. We welcome people of all faiths, religions or agnostics. We just ask that you come with an open mind and heart and be respectful of those who have different beliefs.                                                     
Who is running these retreats? How did they start?
Casey Berna and her husband battled infertility for 8 long years. As an endometriosis warrior and translocation carrier (if you don't even know what that is, that's okay most people don't!) Casey endured four miscarriages, 5 abdominal surgeries, 3 IVF's--two of those with PGD, and three IUI's while on her journey with infertility. After it was all done, Casey wanted to share her story and knowledge of infertility with other women to help them along their own journeys. Casey doubled majored in Religious Studies and Social Work at Fordham University and then went on to get her Masters in Social Work there. In high school, Casey went on her first retreat and fell in love with the comforting, peaceful atmosphere and the rejuvenation that occurred when she stepped away from reality for that short time. She continued leading and participating in retreats in college with the Jesuits. Then after getting her Masters, Casey was active in the campus ministry programs at her alma matter, The Ursuline School as well as at Manhattan College. Casey has participated, led and organized close to 100 retreats.   
During her journey, Casey looked for a retreat program that supported women struggling with infertility and couldn't find one.  Now that she is an infertility survivor, Casey hopes to offer a safe space for women currently struggling to bring them comfort and support on their journeys.

Casey has also met a bunch of wonderful people in the infertility field, both medical professionals and fellow infertility survivors who are now active advocates in the world of infertility. She hopes to have some of these amazing people also come to the retreats and share their stories and experiences. 


  1. Casey, how do I join you and your wonderful group of advocates? I am 42 and I live in Putnam County and I relate, relate, RELATE to you.

    My word, it's all too familiar.

    I want to help. I want in. I am so there.

    Write me anytime!

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